Roman Mosaics Demosaica
Roman Mosaics Demosaica
Roman Mosaics Demosaica
Roman Mosaics Demosaica
Roman Mosaics Demosaica
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Terms, conditions of sale and guarantees

Terms of Sale

  • Custom Order for payment of 50% of the budget is required. The rest will be paid when picked up at our warehouse or prior to shipping to your home. Should be an order of stock, we will pay 100% before being picked up at our warehouse or before being sent home.
  • Be deemed accepted the budget and our terms and conditions of sale and warranty policy to the reception of the payment.
    Revocation of an order of a custom order after three days of accepting the budget permitted.
  • If you receive damaged merchandise, it will be essential to follow the return instructions from our carrier or any subsequent claim will not be accepted. Note that the companies have time limits at the time of filing a claim.
  • It is very important to check the goods quickly when you receive and note on the delivery note the damage if any.
  • Due to the nature of handmade tiles, made ​​one by one, customers should expect slight variations in sizes, colors, designs and finishes on all our products.
  • Measurements of space for the flooring and the amounts are your responsibility, Demosaica is not responsible for errors in quantity, size or color.

Warranty policy

  • Demosaica warranty covers manufacturing defects in the material.
  • Any tile that shows a manufacturing defect will be replaced as soon as possible, considering that it will take back to the manufacturing process. Claims of this type must be made before the start of the placement or use.
  • Under no circumstances should the financial responsibility beyond the sale price of the tile is assumed.
  • The warranty does not cover agritamiento or break in normal use.